Cup of Cheer - December 4

Are you available? 

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Luke 1:38

It’s easy to skip ahead in the Christmas narrative. We know about Jesus’ birth and those who came to visit him. We know about Jesus teaching in the temple as a child and how His ministry began. We know about the disciples and miracles and the Easter story.  

When we read about Mary and angel, it can be easy to skip over the weight of this conversation. An angel (heavenly being) brings a message that Mary (a normal, average girl) will give birth to the son of God (a miracle of miracles). This is incredible and confusing, and Mary responds by saying, “I am the Lord’s servant”. She is on board for this journey. There is no doubt that there are many questions to be answered in the coming days, but Mary is available to be used by God. 

While you and I may not have a hand in bringing the son of God to the world, we are called to bring about the Kingdom of God. The purpose and ministry of Jesus continues today through normal people just like Mary, Joseph, the Shepards, and us. We (all of us!) are called to be image-bearers of the King of Kings. Jesus came to earth to bring peace; we are called to bring peace. It was the ultimate act of compassion and love for Jesus to come and live among us. Emmanuel, God is with us. And now we live to share the love of God with others. 

Are you available today? If an angel came on the scene and told you that God was going to do an incredible work in your life, would you respond like Mary? Maybe you would need to check your calendar. Or maybe you would want to weigh the options before you said “I’m in”. 

The truth is that God is calling us today to join in a great big story or redemption and love. Just like Mary, we have have the opportunity to step into a great story. Even though we might not know the end, we know that God is faithful to fulfill his word. 

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