Craig Barber Abingdon Campus Pastor

Darren Bralley Abingdon Producer

Laura Broome Abingdon PreSchool Coordinator

Gary Childers Bristol Pastoral Care/Small Groups Director

Angel Coleman-Juarez

Dave Cross Bristol Maturity Pastor

Steven Davidson Executive Director of Operations

Peggy Dixon Abingdon Kitchen Manager

James Eaton Online Director

Wayne Epperson Executive Team Member

Mark Estepp HF Student Pastor

Victoria Fitzgerald HF Students Resident

Jim Fleming Executive Pastor

Denise Francisco Accounts Payable

Mike Fuller Thrift Store Business Director

Lora Fuller Director of Finance

Robbie Gaines Bluefield Campus Pastor

Brittney Gaines Bluefield Children's Coordinator

Craig GIbson Marion Campus Pastor

Jamie Glovier Bristol HFKidz Preschool Coordinator

Johnny Greene Bristol Celebrate Recovery Director

Doug Guenther Bristol Facilities Associate

Justin Harris HF Students Tech Coordinator

Ryland Herndon Production Technician

Elizabeth Hill Marketing & Communications Director

Rachel Hogg Vocal Coordinator

Dylan Holly HFStudents Coordinator

Kingsley Itua Campus Pastor/Pastoral Care Resident

Bekah Ivester Administrative Assistant

Allen Jessee Lead Pastor

Dylan Johnson Bristol HF Students Coordinator

Curtis Johnson Abingdon Facilities Pastor

Becky Kennedy Ministries Coordinator

Angie Kirk Accounting/HR Coordinator

Lindsey Lawson Abingdon HFKidz Elementary Coordinator

Nicole Lee Children's Ministry Coordinator

Cameron Lee Johnson City Campus Pastor

Tim Lemons Communications Pastor

Tim loves playing with websites, like he his right now by testing adding a bio to the website. But what happens when he does something stupid and makes it too long?

Jayde Lemons HF Students Creative Director

J.R. Linkous Filmmaker & Media Producer

Erinn Linkous Communications Project Manager

Morgan Lloyd Bluefield Student Coordinator

Jose Luna Wise Ministry Associate

Nathan Magstadt Abingdon HF Students Coordinator

Melissa McFarlane Database Coordinator

Brad McMillion Bluefield Maturity Pastor

Penny Miller Children's Director

Anna Morrell Marion HFStudents Coordinator

Lesa Morrison Bristol Administrative Manager

Joey Newton HF Students Worship Coordinator

Donna Puckett Abingdon Pastoral Care Director

Steve Robinson Bristol Campus Pastor

Jeff Rolen Wise Campus Pastor

Trisha Rose Marion HFKidz Coordinator

Mike Rush Director of Administration

Tammy Salyer Central Offices Receptionist

Megan Smith Bristol HFKidz Elementary Coordinator

David Stallard Content Distributor / Executive Producer

Brad Stuart Director of Technology

Daniel Thomas Abingdon Associate Campus Pastor

Shannon Tolbert Abingdon Facilities Associate

Nathan Wampler Graphic Designer

Ethan Williams Production Technician

Alex Wilson Worship Pastor

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