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The Care Team is designed to enrich, direct, and provide a support system for those who are going through adversity, crisis, or a major life event. The Care Team also empowers others as they volunteer their time to help others. 

Our Minister on Duty or “MOD” is on call 24/7 for any church needs. You can contact them, depending on your campus at the phone number below:

  • Abingdon Campus: 276-628-1081
  • Bristol Campus: 276-644-1613
  • Marion: 276-378-0969

To ensure that every attendee or member of the Highlands Fellowship family is touched when they have a death in their immediate family.

This team is committed to lifting up the prayer needs of the church throughout the week, as well as the individual requests of the Highlands Fellowship family and beyond. They also pray during the Sunday morning services for all aspects of the worship service and everyone who is there. If you have a prayer request that we can pray for click on prayer page and submit your prayer request.

This team offers Biblical direction when dealing with life’s issues. This includes personal and marital counseling.

Marriage prep counseling and classes are offered to couples interested in receiving God’s direction in marriage.

This team assists those in need of financial guidance. Financial counselors are available to meet with individuals or couples.

This team provides support for those going through a divorce to help them work through their resentment, anger, loneliness, bitterness, and depression to find God's purpose in their life.

For additional care + help, email

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