Encounter Jesus.

The heart behind hcONE Worship is all about connecting with Jesus, and our vision is simply this: together, we pursue life-changing encounters with the Living God. In the Worship Auditorium, you'll hear modern worship music that unites our hearts and voices so we can connect with Jesus. If you attend the Abingdon venue, we also have a Country Venue and a Chapel Venue for those who enjoy those styles of music. Whatever venue you choose, we invite you to join us in an atmosphere of expectation, believing that when we lift our hearts to Jesus in spirit and in truth, we will experience His presence.


"Our desire is that our music and services would help you draw closer to God and follow Him in your daily life. From our Worship Family to you, we hope you are encouraged by the time we get to spend together, and we look forward to connecting with you personally as we worship the Lord together!”

Alex Wilson, Worship Pastor

A Worshiper's Journey

"the music kept me coming back… it was obvious the musicians had a heart for God.”

Ceclia Hinchey Keyboardist

Worship Team

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"…Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord…”

Ephesians 5:19

Let's worship together.

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