Tanzania (2018) Update

Tanzania Update - Shelly Altizer 

This trip was so good! God led me to the realization that this year my focus should be on sharing Christ by sharing the story of His birth! I thought this could be a little weird basically celebrating Christmas in June in the African bush with mostly all Muslim people! But God led our every move and allowed the teachings to flow! It was a blessing to see the faces of the people as they heard the story of Jesus’ life!

We gave away many Bibles in their native language and gave blessings as God showed us a need! I also distributed kits to young ladies in the schools who need help during their monthly cycle. The girls had no knowledge of why their bodies make changes and how to care for themselves! I was able to educate them and give a hygiene kit to each girl. I was also able to teach a local tailor to make the product so that the project can continue even while we are away! God is always good and He loves ALL of his people!

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