Day 10: Christmas Advent

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Love - Building Bridges

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”(which means “God with us”). - Matthew 1:23

Consider a bridge. It’s in incredible feat of architecture and engineering, that we take for granted everyday . Bridges enable us to travel across great divides to get to another place. Image all the people we would never interact with if bridges did not exist!

As Boreham, the notorious Australian author noted of a famous bridge builder:

His courageous conquests and wonderful accomplishments lead me to conclude that it is worth dedicating one’s life to the profession of building bridges. It’s beautiful to see how, across deep chasms and furious rivers, bridges extended across, which allow children to pass safely. Similarly, bridges of friendship and goodwill may also bridge differences between people.

During these difficult days — when people are dividing themselves from one another, when brothers and sisters are polarized by politics, race, and gender — it is increasingly necessary and, indeed, imperative for bridges of connection and love to be built.

· Selfishness can be discarded by the bridge of compassion.

· Hate and resentment cannot stand where there is a bridge of kindness and joy.

· Sinful vices begin to fall away once a bridge is built to righteousness. Consider Jesus Christ — the greatest bridge builder of all time.

Using the materials of His life — starting with His humble birth in a manger — He built a bridge from earth to heaven, from death to life. Living by His example, you, too, can build bridges and bring reconciliation to a divided world this Christmas! God has already provided the materials you need: forgiveness, kindness, and the encouragement of His Word. Make it a point to use those tools — especially in this Advent season — to share His bridge-building love with those around you.

What divisions and polarizations do you see in your immediate circle of influence? What bridges can you build to bring unity and share the love of Jesus Christ in those situations?

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