Amplify 2019 Day One

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Amplify 2019 Day One 

Amplify Day One, started off by parents dropping off their students at the Abingdon Campus for check-in. The students were required to give up all electrical devices and cell phones, so that they could be fully present throughout their time at Amplify! Due to one campus arriving late, all were a little behind schedule. Thus, making the departure to Camp Jacob later than expected. Travel time was good. It was an hour and a half long ride. 

Camp Jacob arrival was successful! The students unloaded their bags from the buses and took a group photo! After campers went to their cabin, they then traveled to the dining hall to celebrate Abingdon Student Coordinator, Nathan Magstadt’s Surprise Birthday Party! They celebrated by wearing apparel with the number twenty-eight on it, as well as Nathan paper cut-out masks! After a dinner of chicken, sides, and cake the students worshipped in the outdoor pavilion! 

After worship, Bristol Student Coordinator, Dylan Johnson, gave a great message on Matthew 14. He taught on the concept of “Up, IN & OUT.” He talked about “UP” referring, to spending time with God. Dylan spoke about what that looked like practically, through quiet time and prayer—that personal time with God. The concept of “IN” represents that fellowship Jesus had with his disciples. The take away for students, was this idea of having a community, and time of fellowship with others. Lastly, Dylan talked about the concept of “Out” which he pulled from the scripture and talked about how Jesus went out in his community and loved on them. The challenge, “First you have to love yourself to love others.” After service, campers walked back to their cabins, because it was lights out time. 

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