Free Back To School Family Fun Kit

Hey there, amazing students and parents! It's that time of the year again - back to school! We know the start of a new academic year can be a mix of excitement and nerves, but don't worry, because we've got a whole lot of encouragement and fun headed your way.

Click the Download button to download our Free Back to School Family Fun Kit! It has the 7 tips listed below as well as fun conversation starters with your kids, family fun recipes, cut out crafts, first day of school worksheet and much more! Download now!


7 Important Tips when Transitioning Back to School

1 - Celebrate the End of Summer

Sometimes it’s hard to leave the fun of summer. As a family, plan some time to celebrate summer. Talk about your favorite memories and activities. As you look back, begin chatting about all the things you’re looking forward to in the upcoming year.

2 - Go to Bed Earlier

Kids tend to go to bed and wake up later during the summer. This can make for a rough transition during the first week or so of school as they suddenly have to wake up early. Begin the habit of going to bed earlier at least one week before the start of school. Everyone will be a little less cranky during the first few weeks of school if they are well-rested.

3 - Have Patience

Whether you like it or not, the new school year will create new habits for your family. It’ll take time to figure out how to na vigate your new schedule. Mentally prepare for this transitional time. Give yourself and everyone in your family grace. Be prepared with quick meals and the phone number of your favorite pizza place.

4 - Plan with Purpose

Before your year begins, make a plan for your family priorities. School activities, sports, and community events can quickly consume all of your time. Before you say yes to anything, pause and make sure you’re saying yes to the right things. Remember, it’s ok to say no.

5 - Celebrate the Good

As the school year begins, take time to celebrate as a family. Celebrate the start of new things. Encourage your children as they settle into new classrooms, learn new schedules, and begin to make new friends. Ice cream is always a good friend for celebrations.

6 - Prioritize your Faith

When your schedule gets busy, it’s easy for time devoted to you r faith to fall away. When we put God first in our life, allof our other priorities begin to fall into place appropriately. As you prepare for fall, make sure to prioritize your faith and church.

7 - Practice Eating as a Family

Eating together as a family is an important practice as you begin the school year. It’s a great way to pause and connect with each other. It’s ok if your meal is made up of chicken nuggets or cereal. It’s not about what you eat, it’s about prioritizing consistent time together as a family.


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