Known - Daily Devotional - October 17, 2018

Who am I? 

"But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” - Exodus 3:11

During this series, we have been looking at the life of Moses and his burning bush experience. God calls him to something truly incredible, to lead God's people out of captivity. We explored how Moses' upbringing and calling equipped him for this mission, and how Moses had an opportunity to join God in the work that He was going to do. 

A Crisis

Moses knew that he did not have what it took on his own to accomplish this incredible task. How could he lead an entire people group out of Egypt? Why would Pharaoh ever let them go? Moses came a crisis moment in this interaction with God. He even asks God "who I am that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt" (v. 11). This is a moment of honesty from Moses; he recognizes that he (in his own strength and power) is not going to be able to accomplish this task. In that moment of crisis, he asks God how this whole plan could even work. 

God responds with a simple statement: I will be with you (v. 12). It's a truth that we all need every single day. God is calling each of us to join Him in an incredible work, and HE will be with us. The God of the universe, with us. It's a theme that spans the entire Bible. God is with Moses, Jesus comes to earth as Emmanuel (God with us), and the Holy Spirit comes as a helper and a guide for us. God will not leave us alone in our crisis of belief. 

I Am

Moses' question is very personal. Who am I? Why should you, the God of the universe, use me? God hears his fear and offers comfort ("I will be with you"). God ends this conversation by telling Moses that I AM is with him. God takes Moses' "who am I" and reminds him that He is the great I AM. God is with Moses, and He is with us as well. 

The next time you feel God inviting you to an opportunity that you don't feel equipped to handle alone, remember that I AM is bigger than your "who am I?" questions. 

Moses does lead Israel out of captivity; God kept His promise. It was no easy task, but God was faithful to keep His promise to Moses. That same God is faithful to keep His promise to you today. The one who calls you will keep you because I AM is greater than any "who am I?". 

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