The Wiederholts in Thailand

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"We prayed for God to expand our borders in sharing the gospel and making a difference in the root causes of human trafficking. The answers to our prayers were what led to the formation of A Bridge To The Table." – Eric and Shannon

Eric and Shannon Wiederholt live in northern Thailand where they focus on the root causes of human trafficking at a community level. Lack of access to education and economic opportunity are two major risk factors for human trafficking among the 115 people groups in Thailand who don’t know the hope of Christ in this nation of less than 2% Christians.

Through their organization, A Bridge To The Table, Eric and Shannon’s mission is to partner with Christ followers who connect people to opportunities to flourish through economic, educational and spiritual hope.

They do this by using a Christ-centered model of community development called Community Health Evangelism or CHE. Lives and communities are transformed as people come to know Jesus and work together to identify, come up with local solutions and participate in solving their communities problems.

Teaching financial literacy, English as a second language, and life skills curriculum development are bridges that lead individuals and communities to empowerment and away from the risks of human trafficking.

Equipping and empowering the local Thai church is an effective strategy for reaching the culture for Christ. A Bridge To The Table connects local Christians to opportunities to learn practical ways to reach out to their community.

Visit their website today to find out more about this opportunity to equip and participate in this ministry.

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