HFStudents has a gathering for middle school students (6th-8th grade), which happens during every Sunday morning service at Highlands Fellowship locations.

Our High School gatherings for high school students happen at 6:00p on Sundays at most Highlands Fellowship locations.

Serving as an HFStudents volunteer is powerfully simple. The power is in being present. You don’t have to be an imaginary superhero who scores perfect 10s on a coolness scale. Students are looking for communities that are warm and welcoming. You can help us create this. Whether it's using your tech skills, leading a small group, feeding students, or setting up a game - the power is in being present. HFStudents volunteers are making a powerful impact on the next generation by being present adults who model a love for Jesus!

Opportunity Details:

Preference Area:
Days of the Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Role: Upfront, Behind the Scenes
Area of Interest: Administration, Creative/Art/Design, Hospitality, Music, Prayer, Technology, Students


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