Watauga Elementary School Playground Event

Help Trim Trees, Spread Mulch + Gravel, Pressure Wash, Clean Signs, Plant Flowers, Build Flower Beds, Repaint Lines + 4 Square, and Fix Pitted Pavement. Please bring your own supplies; Weel-barrels, Rakes, Shovels, Pressure-washer, Gloves, and Leaf blowers. Help make the playground beautiful!

Areas you can signup to serve in are:

  • Painting (pavement and benches...) 
  • Gardening (Spreading mulch, and gravel, planting flowers, weeding...)
  • Cleaning (power washing, bleaching signs...)
  • Building (assembling picnic tables, building raised garden bed...)
  • Other or where needed  

Abingdon Campus

Jayde Lemons

Watuaga Elementary School

Date / Time

Registration closed on Thursday, March 23, 2023

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