July 26, 2019 to August 09, 2019
Kaptagat, Kenya

Team Leaders:

Donna “Suzie” Johnson


Kaptagat, Kenya


Assist the “Grace of God Children’s Center” (GOGCC) in hosting a Leadership Conference at their facility.


  • Assist in implementing an introductory “Purpose Driven Journey” training program to local ministers, pastors and community leaders at the GOGCC.
  • Provide Children’s Ministry support (including but not limited to: offering Bible-based curriculum, incorporating large group crafts & games & music)
  • Assess for current need while offering agriculture enhancement (especially in gardening, poultry, cattle, goat care)
  • Assess ways to incorporate a Celebrate Recovery support system.


Be ready to partner up with a diverse, bright and lively Kenyan team who is passionate in fulfilling God’s commission! Also, be ready to learn and observe and share ideas, being resourceful while maintaining flexibility and respectfulness for the Kenyan lifestyle (a “go with the flow” mentality).


    Approximately $2,800.00 per person (pending final airfare costs).

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