Team Leaders:



Ranquitte, Haiti


Assist Ragged Edge Ministries, local church, local orphanage, clinic and Eco Café.


  • Teach the Purpose Driven Journey to the local church
  • Fund and construct one house for a selected family
  • Home visits to share the gospel and provide needed food products and Bible translated in Creole
  • Visit and assist Haiti Home of Hope Orphanage and Clinic
  • Visit the cashew and kenaf fields and assist Eco Café as needed
  • Visit and assist the orphanage that is operated by Arol and Ysmay
  • Assist and sponsor the soccer tournament in Ranquitte
  • Provide Bible Study and crafts in the evening on “the porch”


Be prepared to share your testimony, be flexible with scheduling, and realize we will be working on many different projects.


Approximately $1,600 per person (depending on airfare)

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