The Bible Recap - Old Testament


Join us as we read through the Old Testament together. We will begin on Monday, April 11th and it will lead us all the way into January. We will be following a chronological order, reading the Old Testament books in order as they happened in time.

As an added bonus, we are partnering with The Bible Recap. Everyday, you'll receive a five to seven minute podcast that provides deeper content to help you understand more about our daily readings as we grow on our spiritual path.

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We can't wait to see how God speaks to us!

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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Just sign up and you'll get an email/text the next day for you to start
The goal of this is to read the whole Old Testament. So if you are only going to do one or the other, please spend the team reading the Bible. If you'd like to go deeper, please listen to the podcast after reading the verses for the day. We think you'll be glad you listened to the podcast 😄
The Bible Recap uses the ESV, so the chapters and verses we post will be from the ESV, but you can use whichever translation you like.
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