21 Days of Prayer and Fasting - Day 16


Matthew 7:7b “. . . seek and you will find . . .”

All throughout the Scriptures, we find the invitation to seek God. God is not only to be sought on a single occasion, but we are to live a life of seeking God. Here are a few key things to consider about seeking God:

Seeking is an ongoing process. The practice of prayer is not something to be mastered. It is a ongoing process of learning how to communicate and commune with God. Seeking reveals how you and I are in a process of being transformed into becoming like Jesus. We are all in process and have not yet arrived at perfection. So, we keep seeking God.

Seeking is looking for God. The practice of prayer is not just inviting God into our lives, but rather looking to join God where He is already at work. Based on what Jesus has taught us to do, where would we expect to find Him at work. We may be surprised where we find him or who we would find him with. Everything about the kingdom of God is subversive. So, as we seek we will likely find God in situations where His power is on display in a subversive way.

Seeking is setting your heart on God. The practice of prayer is not just inviting God into your heart, but rather setting your heart on God. This is setting your affections and intentions on God. This is considering how your heart is shaped and formed by affections and intentions that are not of the kingdom of God. Then, it is receiving transformation from God of those affections and intentions.

When you seek, your heart finds its home. Jesus promised that if you seek then you will find. It is in seeking that your heart finds its home. You find a safe place to belong. You find a refuge for your soul. You find rest if you are weary. You find peace in the midst of chaos. You find joy that is unspeakable. You find an amazing grace. You find strength. You find the greatest reward of all - God. In Hebrews 11:6, we see that God “rewards those who earnestly seek him.” What is this great reward? God. We seek the Giver, not just His gifts, and there our hearts find our home in Him.


Take a moment to practice seeking God.

How do these thoughts on seeking God shape and form your relationship with Him moving forward?

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