Amplify 2019 Day Two

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The second day of Amplify 2019 was a blast! 

The students, started the day out with a nice quiet time. Then they made their way to breakfast in the dinning hall. They ate eggs, & biscuits and gravy. After breakfast the students made their way to sessions. The devotion was led by a student, who is part of Highlands Fellowship Student Leadership Group called Crave. 

After the morning session, the students had the option to play on the low ropes or to go to the lake for some swimming! Then they had a lunch of sandwiches, and then split off into small groups with their teams and counselors to do a devotional. The students had an hour of free time, to either rest, play, or just chat with other campers. After free time the campers had a quick snack before they made their way to the fields for some outdoor activities with TCSpeed Coordinator Caelan. 

After playing some crazy games in the field— that is, one game involved a giant chicken, the students went back to their cabins to get ready for dinner and Theme Night. The theme for the evening was Grease/Greece. After dinner, the students went to listen to Abingdon Student Coordinator, Nathan Magstadt give a message on accountability and responsibility. He challenged students to ask themselves whether they were living a life that reflected Christ. 

If you would like to keep up with us over the next few days, follow us on social media - @HighlandsFellowship on Facebook or @_hfstudents on Instagram. 

Should you need to communicate with your student while they are away at Camp, please send your Email to and we’ll get the message to them.

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